Monday, June 30, 2014

We went camping in Sun Valley over the weekend. It was supposed to rain so we almost bailed on the trip. Good thing we didn't because it was pretty fun! 
Justin Madsen met up with us from Idaho Falls. He is a pretty cool guy, I'm glad he came. 
We made such yummy pizza dinners over the fire! Seriously I gotta get me some of those pizza camp fire cookers.
I am so glad I was able to enjoy camping while being 33 weeks pregnant. I am lucky to have the body I do. It's treated me pretty well so far being pregnant.
I hope Jordan and I continue to go camping with our kids. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yesterday was a FUN day! So many memories that I have to document. We needed to make a "still frame" movie for my Grandma's talent show in July. She is hosting some special family visitors this summer and wants to put on a talent show for them. She asked each family to come up with a talent. Well since most of my family(me, Burke, Brady, Sarah and possibly Jordan) wont be able to attend my dad came up with an idea that involves most of us that won't be able to come! Obviously Brady and Sarah couldn't be in the movie because they live in Missouri now. Our "Still Frame" movie is mimicking the movie "Rocky." The pictures below are some high lights that really show how much fun we had doing this. 

Here we have my dad:

The Director!

He has been working on that rat tail for 2 years now. Looks great doesn't it? :)
No but for real he totally left this hair strand extension in his hair all day. He got some pretty good reactions. 



My studly, All American heart throb :)

These are some action shots of "Bur-KO" and "Jo-Jo" fighting.

And this is just a cute picture of me and Jordy. A look into our future together. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

This is cute when you first look at it right?? A sweet love note left on the coffee table for me. Well look again. Those are Jordan's toe nails!!! Still cute?? Actually yes :) I love it when Jordan does funny stuff like this. It makes my life interesting and keeps things fun. I made him scrape them into the trash can though... I wasn't about to touch them.
Gotta love that guy. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(Real date: June 17, 2014)
Sometimes I don't post publish stuff until the next day

  Family Night!!! With the exception of the kid in the orange and gray shirt, he is Bailey's "friend" Kobe Crawford. So here we are all at Kona Grill. It's a restaurant that sells sushi. I did not partake in this raw fish feast. 1. because I'm pregnant. 2. because sushi is disgusting. 

As you can see here: Bailey doesn't like sushi either. Good girl. My mom also tried it for her 
first time.. But I don't even think her one tiny little bite wasn't long enough for me to get a             picture. Should have eaten more mom! ;)

Any way, we also saw the movie "Edge of Tomorrow" with Tom Cruise in it. It was... pretty weird at the beginning. Once it picked up though it wasn't so bad. Entertaining really. I'm really interested to see how movies change in the next 15 years. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

You can't really tell where we are at in this picture but it's a pretty cool location. Reason being: Jordan took me on our first date here :) these are the famous Bruneau Sand Dunes. We tagged along with Jenna and her friend, Sydney. Karla and Norm wanted to do something fun because Sydney is visiting from Colorado. We saw Saturn and a Galaxy cluster in the giant observatory telescope. It was fun recreating memories and hanging out with good company.  

I had to share this picture because I thought it was so cute how Jordan insisted we stop by REI to look at "Dad Packs." hahaha. And what made it even better was that he had to try on the goofiest one in the store. To him(and Bailey) it's not goofy, rather cool instead. Okay nevermind.. Jordan just told me to say that it's "Freakin sweet!" We'll see if Hazel ever gets a ride in that thing.... it's great for insanity hikes or maybe a back backing trip across Europe. But for every day use... yah no. Gotta love my Jordy. He is so adorable. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Zoo Boise Butterfly exhibit. It was cute to see all the people react when the butterflies would land on Hazel. They all thought it was so adorable. I had to fake a "bathroom emergency" in order to cut the exit line(the volunteers had to check each person to make sure they didn't still have a butterfly on their body) It worked like a charm and no one questioned me since I am pregnant. I would have attached a picture of Jordan on here but... he deleted all of them. Sorry everyone

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Lake Cruise was a blast! Great way to end our McCall trip! The scenery was breathtaking

Yes, it was that cold! Once the sun went down I started to freeze! Love me some layers